About us

We match companies with technical professionals on a flexible and fixed basis.

Since 2011, we have been bringing together our clients and technical professionals in the petrochemical industry. In 2018, we started as a SOG-recognized trainer.

We are a specialized company, and we aim to focus entirely and solely on the petrochemical industry. This means that we combine high-quality mediation skills with industry knowledge in order to be of optimal service to our clients and staff.

Partnership & Teamwork

We strongly believe in our core values Partnership and Teamwork, but see ourselves as more than a partner. We always strive to create the optimal synergy for the best possible results.

Fully specialized‚Äč

Because we only focus on petrochemicals with our services, we know exactly which issues and critical factors there are and with which means these must be answered.

Our Clients


We distinguish ourselves with a personal approach in which meeting agreements, going to work with pleasure and transparency are central.

Our employees are skilled and busy on a daily basis with opening and closing flanges, testing devices such as coolers and heat exchangers and the (dis)assembly of valves, machines, pumps, extruders and (components of) unique devices such as ovens, fin fans, mixers, gearboxes, compressors, turbines, etc.


As an organization, we work with careful procedures which, in our view, ensure that very important aspects such as quality, safety, hygiene, and the environment are safeguarded.

How can we help?

Would you like to discuss the possibilities or receive a non-binding proposal? We are happy to help you.