diensten-industrialservices-360x240Industrial Services

ACC Industrial Services is active in the contracting and execution of projects in the petrochemical industry with the core business of maintaining heat exchangers. Installations in the petrochemical industry are regularly subjected to technical inspections and maintenance. As a client, you must be able to trust that work will be completed within the set term. Ensuring efficient execution of your projects can ensure that your costs can stay within the budget.

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diensten-uitzendendetacheren-360x240Customized Staffing Services

ACC Montage is very active and fully specialized in providing qualified and reliable personnel to the petrochemical industry. Our employees are competent and daily engaged in opening and closing flanges, testing devices such as coolers and heat exchangers and (dis) assembling valves, machines, pumps, extruders and (components of) unique devices such as ovens, fin fans, mixers, gearboxes, compressors, turbines, et cetera.

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diensten-opleidingen-360x240Safety & Skills Centre

For the quality of our services we provide courses, training and exams in the field of safety and technology. Our training courses are provided by experienced professionals. Separately from training and periodically subjecting our own employees to safety & skills tests, we also provide these services for external interested parties.

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